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If you are thinking of selling your home or a land, then 2H Engineering can help you out to determine its market value. 2H Engineering is one of the best engineering consulting firms that focuses on providing you with building inspection and evaluation for your homes and industries. Their team of assessment engineers (engenheiro avaliador) is experienced and trained to help you know the exact market value for your industrial or residential property. Apart from this, they also do evaluation for farms and islands.

Evaluation is a technical activity that is carried out by a professional that aims to express the value of a good in monetary units. A report is prepared after evaluation considering factors like construction potential and location in case of a land, conservation in terms of machinery and goods; and capacity to generate a product in terms of an equipment. The purposes of evaluation include accounting entries, decision making, tax postings, inventories and auctions.

One must be thinking as to why they should hire 2H Engineering for carrying out evaluation for their homes or business valuation (avaliação de empresas). That is because they carry out multidisciplinary analysis for legal, technical and economic aspects of engineering and have an experience in serving individuals, public sector and small and large enterprises. They provide assessments for-

  • Real Estate– They provide assessments for residential properties which includes home evaluation (avaliação de casas), land evaluation and apartment review. After evaluation, a report is prepared by the engineers based on the comparison of the property.
  • Commercial Property– They do assessments for stores, commercial buildings and industries. This includes evaluation for businesses, evaluation for stores and land for incorporation.
  • Industrial Property– This includes evaluation for industrial complexes and warehouse evaluation.
  • Machines and Equipments– They use a comparative method to determine the market value of sale of assets and their production.

Apart from this, they also have an expertise in property inspection and neighborhood report. 2H Engineering carries out inspection for hidden and apparent building anomalies. Investigated anomalies include electrical appliances, electro mechanical and hydraulic equipments. A neighborhood report not only provides one with the condition of real estate but also about its future development.

So if you also wish to avail their top of the line evaluation and assessment services for your home, business or company, then pay a visit to 2H Engineering today.

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