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New York, USA
blankbox is a collection of "ready-to-gift" gift boxes...think everything you need to send a gift, but without the gift. everything arrives right to your door and you add your gift(s)  - no need for wrapping mayhem (or waste), last minute "crap! the card!" sprints, impersonal department store boxes, and all the classic gifting hassles. the blankboxes come in 3 designs, each with no visible blankbox branding; this way, the box can be kept as a coffee table centerpiece, bookshelf decor, storage, and/or regifting. we've seen great traction with bridesmaid proposal/wedding related boxes, corporate gifting, and special occasion gifting in general.
the 'why' of blankbox: we kept seeing various pre-curated gift box options on the market and loved the elevated presentation and convenience of them, but were frustrated that we couldn't choose the gifts that go inside. we wanted to create something that couples the presentation and convenience of a pre-curated gift box with the personal touch of choosing what goes inside: hence, blankbox! the name is very intentional. our boxes are "a ___________ box", where you can fill in the blank however you want, and with whatever you want (think everything from traditional holidays to "sorry you had a bad week", "thanks for being my person", "new mama + baby", "will you be my bridesmaid?", etc.). extra punny points for no visible branding, so it really is a blank box that feels extra personal to whoever receives it.
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