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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Our story: We have been capturing weddings for close to a decade now and love every minute of it. Our journey began in Asia, where we worked as photographers and writers for a travel and lifestyle magazine. Our work took us all over the world and allowed us to experience a myriad of cultures, meet some wonderful people, and see, as well as capture some incredible things! We loved meeting and documenting people’s lives so much that when we returned to Canada we decided to make photography, especially wedding photography, a permanent staple in our lives…

Fast forward almost ten years and now we are lucky to continue our passion for photography by documenting our couples’ most intimate and special day!

Our style of photography is simple: we prefer candid moments to formal poses, laughter as well as tears, and we don’t shy away from getting right in there to capture your most intimate and emotional memories! We absolutely love immortalizing all the moments and all the moments-in-between-moments of your special day – We live for those tender instants; the light kisses, the all-encompassing embraces, the soft whispers, the wild laughter, and dance-floor shenanigans when you think that no one is watching…these are the lovely little things that make us grin from ear-to-ear…

Hugh and and I are the brains of the operations, but we are also lucky enough to work together with a wonderful team of two other partners-in-crime, Gillian, our associate photographer & Stephanie, our newest addition – our videographer! G & S both also share our philosophy to wedding photography and our penchant for all things lovey-dovey and silly.  So if you are looking for photographers to laugh with you, dance with you, and capture your day as organically as it unfolds then give us a call – we would love to meet you!

Because we are a small team we only reserve a limited amount of weddings a year. We really love to get to know our couples and we want to ensure that we provide you with the best and most personal experience possible – we believe that your wedding day is a very intimate and special event and should be captured as such.

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