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9 Davies Avenue Unit 203, M4M 2A6, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Once upon a time in the year 2004 in the far away land of Toronto, the dashing young Mo met the most charming lady named Nancy and guess what? They have been inseparable ever since. But wait, it gets better! Instead of holding hands and walking into the sunset together (so last century), they decided to do it one better. It’s better than a (heart) story: it’s an art (heart) story! Pairing Nancy’s visual talent with Mo’s business acumen, they decided to conquer the world. Later one day while they are mucking about with ideas they wrote down the letters of their own names and MAnd Nancy GOvindji shape MANGO.

The MANGO Experience

Your relationship with us is so important to your story that we highly encourage you to get to know your photographer in advance of the wedding. Engagement sessions are the best way we accomplish this.

 After the event, we create a very special presentation event at the studio where we share what we captured, and re-live the event in our state of the art presentation theater. We’ll share incredibly well designed album and print options. This is particularly helpful for couples who want to display their photographs in their homes and offices. We call this unique approach “Shooting for design”.

 Our Approach

 We’re storytellers first and foremost. Our approach is driven by your unique story, who you are, your personal tastes, and design interests. It’s driven by what music you listen to, where you eat, to the places you travel. Each story is unique, our approach is timeless, cool, and has a distinctly designed cinematic approach.

Contact Information
Phone: 416-366-4723