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Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

Release Packages for Weddings

Pair – The Bride and Groom release a pair of doves from a cage, basket, or from their hands,
symbolizing the beginning of their new life together

Pair & Flock – The Bride and Groom release a pair of doves.
Afterwards, a flock of 10 doves are released
representing the well wishes of the family and friends following the release of the pair!

Pair & Grand Flock – Same as above – 24 dove total (a pair plus 22 doves in flock release)

Princess Carriage Releases – Our "Signature" Princess Carriage will carry a pair of doves,
or a pair plus a flock of ten (10) doves. This is the Ultimate 'Added Touch'.

Display Cages - added to a release or just for display

Pair of Doves – displayed inside the Church (or other venue)
for the Ceremony/ Reception (with permission of venue)

Pair of Doves – displayed prior to the ceremony and then released after the wedding ceremony

Also For Weddings:

Our Princess Carriage may also be used to transport flower girls / junior bridesmaids / ring bearers
and/or used as a card box holder at wedding receptions.

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